Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Halloween Part 2

Continuing with our Halloween series we start off with one foot in the grave. No, no we're not putting you in a coffin, but turning you into the walking dead, a skeleton that is.  Probably one of the most popular and "been around forever" costumes.  Skeletons are a probably not what you have in mind as a "sexy" fun costume.  Well we're here to change that and came up with a couple of good ideas (and all of these can be found in your closet or with just a few low cost items). 

We have two styles shown here, one is the over the top Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead costume.  Now this is definitely a fun, funky and "sexy" costume.  We used an fluffy skirt, corset top, bright shoes and a huge flower hair clip.  Pair this outfit with the classic day of the dead make-up, our Skull with Bow Post and Skull hand Necklace and you're set to go!

Skeleton Hand Necklace - $20.00
Our second option it the traditional skeleton outfit. You can choose to purchase pre-made skeleton designed pieces or you can make your own, which is very easy.  Here's how Martha Stewart does it. 

Skull with Bow Post - $20.00 each
Keep an eye out for even more Halloween Costume ideas!

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