Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Halloween 2012

Let's talk about how bad I've been at blogging lately.  I've gone through a lot of changes lately, personally and professionally, and it has taken a little toll on getting back into the blog world.  But enough about me, let's talk about Halloween!  I know it's September, and maybe a little soon..but Halloween is right around the corner, and we need to get started on deciding what your going to wear :)

We launched our Halloween styles on September 7th and have a several styles left up for grabs.  Let's talk about different costume designs.  Now I know you can head off to the local store and pick up a $50 outfit, by why not search your own closet for something and just purchase a few small pieces (in the end saving a little moola). 

In our witch costume we put together to ensemble, one with a long flowing skirt and the other with skinny black pants.  Pick out your black pieces and pair them with a bright or edgy shoe.  We also paired the outfit with our mini Witch Necklace, a broom and a mini witch hat.  Talk about a one of a kind outfit!  Here is a makeup tutorial for a "sexy" witch look!

Mini Witch Necklace - $18

 Next is our Robot costume!  Now this one is a fun one, most robots are silver but why not change it up?!  Pick out a single metallic color from your closet and pair it with a matching color wig.  Try out some great make up to bring the look over the top. 

We paired these outfits with our Robot necklace, gloves, and a headband.

Robot Necklace - $20 each

Now aren't these great!  We'll come up with a few other ideas for you and post them before Halloween:) 

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