Friday, January 4, 2013


Moving to a new state has its challenges, but the excitement to decorate a new space makes it all worth it.

I haven't moved or even un-packed half of my possessions since I moved from Miami back to Maryland in 2008.  That means I have a crap ton of things that have been in boxes for the past 5 years.  Good God, writing that down makes it seem even more insane!  

My biggest challenge is trying to go through everything and weeding out what I want to donate, trash or replace.  

To get myself ready for the re-decorating I've put together a Pinterest board.  Here are a few of my favorite ideas, that are easy and inexpensive to create!

Find the designs and DIY's here: via

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year...New Plans

When the clock struck 12 am on January 1st I was surprised how happy I was with how my life has turned out.  2012 was a year of changes for me, personally and professionally.  I went from planing my future with a man to being single again, making the decision to move to a new state, finally finding the friends you wait your whole life to meet, relocating my entire business and having to hire out help with my business.  

As the new year starts I can't help but think about what this year will offer me and what I need to do to make it the best possible year it can be.  Just like many of you I made a list of resolutions to follow this year.  I didn't make a list for myself but for my business, here are my resolutions: 

  1. Blog more.  I know I probably say this every few months, but I really want to get into the habit of keeping a daily blog.  Sometimes I worry that I won't have anything to say or that the blog posts might be terrible, but I'm going to take the leap and try my absolute hardest to keep this resolution.
  2. Ask for help.  I've always had a hard time asking for help, but in 2012 I finally went and asked. In order for my business to grow I have to ask for help, and this year I'm going to delegate more work to those that I know can finish the tasks just as well as I can.
  3. PR (public relations).  I've been shopping for a PR company and found an amazing one located in NYC and LA.  This year I'm taking the leap and try out/signing on with a PR company!
I may only have a few resolutions but they are the resolutions that I really want to work on and know I can complete.  I couldn't be more excited for 2013, I have a lot planned and can't wait to take you all along the journey with me!

What resolutions have you made this year?
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