Monday, May 9, 2011

Sunny Weekend...

Shirt - Old Navy, Pants - Old Navy, Shoes - Vintage,
Lace Earrings and Bracelet - Rebecca

Oh Monday you come too quickly, but I had a wonderful weekend and I hope you did too!  So today is the day, I'm starting my outfit collection photos.  I wore this little casual number to a lovely mother's day dinner at Blue Agave.
I knew we would be walking around all afternoon in Baltimore so I didn't want to be to warm and wanted to be comfortable.  I've also noticed that I seem to have an obsession with Old Navy....

Blue Agave had the most delicious food!  I had Chicken Relleno with fresh guacamole..YUMMY!

It was a wonderful family meal that I was able to send with the most important people in my life! 


  1. I like your earrings and bracelet. Very nice :)

  2. That's a perfect casual outfit! Relaxed but put together - love that you added a pop of color with the flats!

    The food looks delicious :-P


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