Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day...

Can you believe that it's mother's day already!  Do you have anything special planned for your mom?  We plan on taking my mom out to a late lunch at Blue Agave.  They have wonderful mixed drinks and delicious we're all very excited!
On another note, I've been debating, well actually holding off taking photos of the outfits I wear.  I have a very crazy sense of style (mixing random patterns and textures), and really a lot of the time when I have to work in the office all day I will just throw on yoga pants and a tank top.  But I always find it fun to see how other people throw together pieces from their wardrobe and I'd like to share my wardrobe with you (plus I figure you can have a chance to see how I wear our jewelry and bags).
So starting Monday I'll be shooting photos of my outfits, I'll start out slow with 3 outfit posts a week as well as my usual posts.  So what do you think?
Also don't forget we're having a sale that ends the 8th!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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