Friday, May 20, 2011


This week went by insanely fast for me, how about you?  I have a busy weekend planned (with photos for you)!  I am dog sitting my parents pooch, and plan on officially cleaning out my closet so I can add all my summer articles in/start my 30 for 30 (more info on that later).
I've added a few more goodies in my shop so be sure to skip on over to check them out!

So I've been craving a weekend away in the tropics.  A and I have not been on a true "vacation" vacation together and this summer we're planning on a little get away. 
Kauai - 2010
Me in Kauai - 2010 (my hair has grown so much since then!)
Kauai 2010
Kauai 2010 - This was where a part of Jurassic Park was filmed
Kauai - 2010
Kauai 2010

Have a wonderful (and hopefully warm) weekend!

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