Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Past few Days and Picture Frames

We've had a crazy past few weeks in the Rebecca office but we're working through it and since I haven't been updating all of you in a few days..maybe even weeks, I thought I'd fill you in!

First I'm excited to get a new chair for my office!  The current one is nice but I'd love one with arm rests and have it swivel!  So above is my new chair (in black) that I'm looking forward to owning:)  I plan on making my own seat cushion from one of Amy Butlers fabrics, I just have a devil of a time picking out my favorite one!

We have also been busy adding our de-stash items to Tippis Closet on etsy.  Next on my list is to make a stylish 5 x 7 photo frame for the etsy booth at the OOAK show in Chicago.  I'll be putting up a post this week on exactly how I made it!

Thats all for now.

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