Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One small step to organization!

Yesterday I received all my goodies from and I have to say I love them! I feel so much more organized and now my lace is safe and secure in their own special home.

This is my new under the desk organizer.  It holds all my jewelry pieces, and samples.  It helps to have a place within hands reach to quickly grab when I'm working on a new design. 

It has this really pretty whimsical design on it, and I can wheel it around if I need to move it:)

This is our new lace organizer. It matches our other organizer I picked up at Target a few weeks ago. 

I even picked up a few desk drawer bins to place inside my lace shelves so it would be a little more organized.  I'm so happy, my office transformation is coming together!

A new idea that I love, found while I was surfing the blog world, is this tissue/really anything bin.  I thought you all might enjoy the free pattern:)  I plan on whipping up one of these for my office.


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