Saturday, October 13, 2012

Overcoming Loneliness

This summer has been pretty hard for me, I've been dealing with a very bad breakup and the struggling with the overwhelming feeling of loneliness. Throughout my life I've been in several scenarios where I've had to overcome loneliness: moving across the country away from family and friends, starting college, and of course losing my best friend.


We all deal with loneliness at some point in our life.  Like me you may be going to college, moving to a new town or have lost the biggest part of your life.  But there are ways to combat this, and here is how I've done it.

1.) Get up and start taking care of yourself.  I started going to the gym and joined a work out class that meets twice a week.  This gets me out of the house, and I've been able to lose the extra weight I put on plus tone up (and it's proven that endorphins can make you feel happy)!  If you can't afford the gym, start out by walking in your neighborhood or at your local park.  Getting out at least a few times a week can will not only make you feel better but make you look better to (and hey there is nothing wrong with staying in shape).

2.) Call you friends.  If you've moved away call your friends from home.  Sometimes we distance ourselves from others to keep our self in the "comfortable" zone.  No matter how crappy you feel get up and spend time with friends.  I've learned that even when I really want to stay in and snuggle up with a good book I feel so much better when I've spent time with others.  It's just an hour out of your day, get up and get out!

3.) Family.  Family is always going to be there, no matter what.  I have the most amazing family who provide a great support system for me.  Although it may be rare, my mom is my best friend and is someone I can go to when I need to talk.  Spend time with your family, or if you've moved far away from them give them a call or sign up for Skype. 

4.) Join a club.  I'll be moving to a new town this coming spring and will know no one.  One of the key things I plan on doing when I first arrive is join a club.  Find something that involves an activity you enjoy doing, whether it be a knitting group or a hiking club.  Getting yourself involved in activities will allow you to meet new people and keep your mind and self busy.

5.) Devote yourself to a new hobby or to work.  Going from busy weekends with friends to slow weekends alone I found that dedicating myself back to my business has only made my company more successful.   Now let me first say that I am not condoning you spend every waking hour working.  I'm suggesting that when there are those lonely nights or days where you normally may be busy with your loved ones, use that time to finish projects that you've neglected to finish.  If you own your own business re-vamp your website, take new photos of your pieces or start a blog!  If you work for a company and have been dreaming of a promotion, now's the time to work towards that.  These things will keep you busy and your mind off of feeling lonely.


Now these ideas are not proven to work for everyone, they are only what's worked for me.  I'm not suggesting you change your whole life but what's the harm in trying something new and working towards feeling happy.  Sometimes getting yourself out of that rut is only a matter of ignoring that feeling of stating at home.  Get up, get out of the house and start your new life!

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