Sunday, October 21, 2012

Apartment Living

As I get ready for my relocation in a few months (down to Asheville, NC) I have a lot to get ready for.  First thing on my list was to start a Pinterest board to figure out how I can decorate a rental without making any huge changes like paint, wall paper. And more importantly on a BUDGET! 

There are several solutions to fix the plain white walls problem.  One solution that I found was removable wallpaper!  How cool is that, right?!  Of course I can't tell you what exactly it will look like, and knowing me it might not turn out like that in the photos, but we can try right?

Learn how to create this here: via
This amazing wall was actually made from fabric!  To create this you use fabric starch and push pins to hold up the fabric while you apply the fabric starch.  I found this on Apartment Therapy.  The tricky part of this is finding a fabric with a print our style that you like and will mesh well with your room style.  Etsy always has some amazing choice, so this will be the first place I will look.  

Learn how to create this here: via
The second option involves using something called Easychange wallpaper from Sherwin-Williams.  I've never heard of this before but Oh Happy Day blogged about it, plus they wrote about how they removed the paper when they were ready to move.  It seems easy enough.  

I was really curious about this so called "Renters" wallpaper, so I stopped on over my Sherwin-Williams website and found that they have over 4,000 choices!  The prices seem a little pricey, although I'm not sure how much I expected it to be, ranging from $40 on up per roll.  If I plan on going this route I think I'll just wallpaper a small accent wall instead of several walls.  

So if you are a renter or will soon be a renter, like me, think about these great temporary wallpapers that you don't involve paint or a hard removal process!

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