Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I heart Lucinda Scala Quinn from Mad Hungry.  Not only are her recipes amazing but the girly girl in me is obsessed with her red nails...I know it sounds insane but I literally love watching her cook becuase she paints her nails red (I'm a crazy dork).  Anyway I've tried out the Spaghetti Amartraciana recipe (below) twice once on A and the second time on my family.  Both we're in love with it and let me tell you I think I might make a ton of sauce next time and freeze it so I can cook it up when ever I want pasta...like for breakfast (just kidding!). 

The second time I made it I added extra red peppers and it was a nice punch of heat.  I'm telling you try this recipe out you'll love it!

Mad Hungry

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