Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Decorations for our booth, DIY style....

Whenever we attend a trade show, or cash and carry show we love to create a space where buyers can come in and feel like they are shopping at a boutique. July is the next trade show where we will be selling fall.winter 2011 items (April is our next cash and carry show).  I'd love to have a new look for our booth while keeping some of the same items we use now.  I've collected a few great DIY items that I thought I'd give a try....  Here is one of the ideas:)

I love the idea of a chandelier...but instead of white I might try dying them a light color
Dos Family
Martha Stewart

This is a peek of our booth a couple of seasons ago.  Since this picture was taken we've removed the birds, but our ladies are still a staple!  Each lady was cut out and painted by hand...they may not be perfect but I love them!
Rebecca Booth

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