Thursday, October 14, 2010 style

We've become busier and busier as each month comes along, and my main desk doesn't seem to like the disorganization.  So I'm bringing you along a small (a few posts max) journey to organize and decorate the Rebecca office.

Below is our "BEFORE" photo.  I'm a little embarrassed with this image, and to be honest this is probably the closest to what it looks like on a regular week, and I tend to clean my office every week because I can't stand not finding anything.  

Scary office Before photo

So first set of action was to pick up a new rug for the office!  Previously we have an old blue bath mat, that isn't really very today we dropped over to Target and picked up with beautiful brown rug:)..we plan on painting the office a nice soothing color (a big change from the girly girl pink in the office now).  

Our new rug

Another fun part of our office is our peg board that holds all our tools for making jewelry and more!  It's a simple peg board from Lowe's painted white and framed.  I love our peg board, it makes everything easier!!!

Peg Board

We'll be showing more of our office in days to come, and what new goodies we get:)


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